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Strategic Debt & Credit Consulting
We have been blessed to have had the opportunity to change the lives of distressed homeowners since 2009 facing foreclosure as well as other financial stress and deficiencies here at END Consulting.  

In 2014, we are ecstatic to increase our debt and credit consulting services to help even more people beyond foreclosure.  We have settled and/or modified millions of dollars in debtit is so rewarding to help others achieve success and financial freedom!

The success we have had in assisting homeowners with closing short sales, modifying delinquent or overburdening loans, settling mortgages and credit lines, and settling credit card balances is remarkable. Solutions exist for everyone with burdening or overwhelming debt!

The team that makes up END Consulting has over 50 years of experience in the real estate, financial and credit industries! We encourage you to contact us for a completely FREE consultation where we contact your creditors for FREE to ensure that we can assist you in achieving financial FREEDOM.

We welcome the opportunity to change your life...

Put an END to your financial worries with a FREE consultation!

Strategic Business Consulting
Since 2006 END Consulting has been assisting small and medium-sized business owners identify the issues that plague them in an effort to create a more operationally effective and efficient model to correct operational inefficiencies and to increase company profits.

END Consulting was created in 2006 by Dana Leigh Shafman as a result of growing many other 
businesses through the strategic business consulting knowledge that she acquired during her undergraduate business and MBA programs as well as through her experiences holding Executive positions for many years prior to becoming an entrepreneur.

At END Consulting, we offer a plethora of consulting services so please
 contact us for a free business consultation to begin increasing your business bottom line immediately!

Strategic Niche Marketing Consulting
Dana Leigh Shafman became an END Consulting client when she launched Shieldher Inc in 2007 with a mission to increase the quality of the lives of women by pacifying the daily fears women face through self defense education and training. 

In order to get the message out to women everywhere in the world, Dana created a Tupperware-style home self defense party known as "The TASER Party" where she was
praised by the worldwide 
media for her brand and marketing strategy as well as for her $4 million increase in product sales.

As a result of her success, Dana and the END Consulting team now coach other business owners on the keys to niche marketing success and helps to build the most dynamic strategic niche marketing campaign to achieve unbelievable results.  Additionally, END Consulting houses a database of local, national and international public relations and media contacts.

END Consulting today to supersize your brand!
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